[solved] In Server Manager XML what is the supported syntax for Documentation


I am writting a plugin and in the Server Manager XML to specify the GUI I noticed that in the “Documentation” entry you can put things in italics and in bold.
Since I would like to add some mathematical formulas, I would like to know what is the full syntax.

I have tried the “\n” as “endofline” without success. Have you noticed any keyword or syntax highlighting ?
A link to some kind of specifications (markdown cheat sheet) or something similar would be ideal.

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The documentation formatting support is very basic at this point and anything more complicated like mathtext or systax highlighting is not supported. Here are the docs

Thank you Utkarsh for the quick answer and the link to the doc.
Even if it is basic, this should be enough for most of the cases since the formulas are quite simple.
I will use what is available.

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