Some minimum improvement for interactive selection

One change would benefit the usability of interactive selection in Paraview: Maintain any chosen Select (cells/points on, …) button from the top toolbar on the view frame. Any selection I have to make now systematically requires me to click on that Select button over and over again until the selection is OK. I d rather have it always on and consecutively draw a rectangle of clicking cells with the appropriate shift or control addition depending whether I want to add or subtract. Once finished I would end the selection mode by hitting the Select button again (and deactivate the edition of the selection). Anyone would support that idea ?

+1, that should be the default when using modifiers.

Shall I do anything else special to bring it to the attention of the developers ?

Please create an issue on our gitlab.

Are you interested by financially funding this issue so it is fixed in priority ?

This is done. Well no we are not willing to financially fund this one. I believe the cost of fixing it is extremely low anyway

Fair enough.

Bug is reported here: