Some problems with remote rendering

Hello, experts,
I wanted to develop a Web application that could render model. Since some models may be very large, remote rendering is required, which means that the model is rendered on the high-performance server side and then the rendered image is sent back to the client side. Therefore, I noticed the function of Paraview or VTK remote rendering.
I have read some discussions on remote rendering on the forums, most of which are using vtk.js combined with ParaViewWeb. I am not familiar with this technology. Can these technologies achieve some of my expected functions mentioned above?
I do not rule out using parallel rendering on the server side in the future. I know that the current remote rendering and parallel rendering of ParaView meet my expectations, but I need an implementation on the Web side.
Borrowing from paraview’s existing remote rendering method might work, but I’m not sure it would actually work.
I need to determine the specific direction of my efforts.
Thank someone in advance for answering my questions.