Sound waves emitted from a point


M trying to make a representation of (sound) waves generated in all directions from a point.

Ideally would be transparent to a degree so as to not obscure other object. Can anyone give me a recipe for this.




I’m not sure to understand what you want. Do you already have data that can be loaded in ParaView ?
If yes, the ‘Volume’ representation display data with transparency.

Hi, I often visualize seismic wavefields in a time-lapse manner just like what you want. My go to is to build a discretized volume for your model space (nx by ny by nz) then use your forward modeling code to produce the values (amplitudes) of your wavefield at various timesteps on that grid so you effectively have a 4D data structure. Then save out your 3D grid as a series (4th/time dimension) of VTK files (vtkImageData or your own custom format) and run the animation in ParaView!

Be sure to add contouring filters or use volume rendering to see throughout your data volume.

Here’s a video of what this might look like:


This looks nice! I was trying to do something similar for seismic wave. Can you provide sample code, especially on how to generate wavefield values? I would really appreciate it!

This is done directly in ParaView.