Specify screenshot boundaries in ParaView


I’ve created a simple pipeline where I create geometry and mesh in Salome, then use Elmer to simulate the pressure field, and finally visualize the field in ParaView. Then, I can take a screenshot of this field, however ParaView doesn’t let you specify the exact boundaries of the area that the screenshot is taken (or at least I don’t know how to do it). In fact, I only want the pressure field on the mesh and get rid of the rest. Check picture below:


You can use the preview mode to set the window size to the size of the image you want to generate and then zoom in/out as required to adjust the view to adjust the data shown in the view. You may also want to turn on Parallel Projection from the properties panel as that may make setup easier.

Preview option is grayed out for some reason. Apart from that, I wonder if there is any way to make it select only the geometry and the field and capture only that, discarding the rest (like background, axis, color scale on bottom right).

that is indeed a bug. For now, splitting the view and closing the newly split view seems to resolve this issue.

Nope. What is you see in the view is what will be saved in the output screenshots. So you’ll need to setup the scene to show what you want in the output.

I think I will capture this screenshot as is and then crop it in Python. I just tried installing paraview package in anaconda, so I can export automatically the .png with a .py script. I tried both these commands:

conda install -c conda-forge paraview
conda install -c conda-forge/label/cf201901 paraview

but neither worked. Do you know if there is any conflict with the current version of paraview package and anaconda?