spline source points into python macro script

I want to use use the GUI to create some splines sources (placing the points by hand)
Then I want to be able to access those spline point coordinates in the python script macro.
How do I do this - is it even possible? Thanks Giles

It is possible. Assuming you have a reference to the spline source, you can retrieve the points with


You can set these points with

splineSource.ParametricFunction.Points = [x1, y2, z1, ...]

You may find it useful to know that you can find out how to do this by using the Tools -> Start Trace menu item and changing the spline points, stopping the trace (Tools -> Stop Trace), and looking at the resulting Python.

thats great - and thanks also for the reminder about using the Trace feature

I found this works for me (in version 4.3.1)

splineSource1 = FindSource(‘SplineSource1’)
pts1 = splineSource1.ParametricFunction.GetProperty(“Points”)
print pts1