Split slice based on connection

Hello all,

I have a slice that consists of several disconnected region. I want to do the following:

  1. Calculate the average of some (scalar) variables for each of the disconnected regions individually
  2. Draw glyphs on the average

For step 1 I thought about using “ExtractCellsByRegion” filter on each of the disconnected regions and run “IntegrateVarables” afterwards. Howeve, I have several hundreds of disconnected regions which makes running “ExtractCellsByRegion” a real pain. Is there something like “ExtractCellsByConnection”?



The Connectivity filter can assign a single RegionID to each connected region. Then, each of the connected regions could be extracted based on the RegionID array by using the Threshold filter or Edit > FindData. Additionally, there are many disconnected regions, so the tasks should be automatically achieved via a python script as macros.