Standardizing plots in paraview

Query 1 → I have a dataset obtained from a fluid simulation with velocities, temperature, pressure and mass fractions. I want to generate plots where each of the following attributes varies with the variable being plotted:

  1. Color scheme
  2. Location of colorbar
  3. Limits of color scheme
  4. Ticks displayed in color scheme

While I am able to fix the first two, I have to change the limits and ticks manually for each variable, making the whole process tedious. Is there any way by which I can specify the limits and ticks being displayed (maybe like something on the lines of a dictionary in python, with key-value pairs)?

Query 2 → While I am able to fix the location of the colorbar, it doesn’t get anchored to that point and gets displaced with accidental clicks. Can this issue be solved? The same issue also persists for the plot itself. Is there any way to anchor it w.r.t global coordinates in terms of lengths or pixels(preferred)

Query 3 → Is there any way to fix the resolution in the render view? While I’m able to do so for the preview, whenever I “Export the scene” in .svg or .eps format, the number of pixels changes.

Thanks in advance!

Indeed, looks like python is the solution here

Query 2

In a chart, the color bar is not movable so i will assume this is about the 3D view.
Looking at it it looks like this is missing but should be an easy fix to add, please open an issue:

Query 3

Tools → LockViewSizeCustom

Thanks for the quick response!
Query1 → Can you direct me towards the the commands I should look for to achieve this?

Query2 → Sorry, I was asking about the 3D rendering only. I am able to fix the colorbar, but I want to do the same for the rendering (define coordinates for its origin as x,y,z). Is there any way to do so? Also, can I disable zooming in and out in Paraview?

Query3 → I tried locking the resolution at 2560x1440, but the issue still persists!

Query1 → You can use Tools → Start Trace to generate python code in ParaView GUI

Query2 → No idea what you mean

Query3 →Which issue exactly ?

Query 3 → After following the procedure you had mentioned for locking the resolution(2560x1440), whenever I “Export the scene” in .svg or .eps format, the number of pixels changes(to 3200x1800).
I don’t encounter this issue while saving screenshots, but it would save the file in .jpeg/.png format, while the format .eps/.svg is mandatory in my case.

Sounds like an issue in the SceneExporter.

Regarding Query2 → As of now, I am able to drag the color bar and the 3d view using the mouse. Also, I am able to zoom in or zoom out the rendering using middle mouse(roller). I want to DISABLE this and fix the location of the colorbar and rendering using coordinates. Is it possible?

Not sure if it helps, but did you try setting a custom viewpoint (camera symbol in the tool bar)? You can then click on the generated viewpoint to return to the same rotation and zoom setting just before saving the figure.
Cheers, Venke

You can disable mouse interactions in the 3D view:

  • Edit / settings
  • Camera tab
  • edit Camera 3D Manipulators and set to None the click you want to disable, and Mouse wheel factor to 0 to disable wheel event.