Start trace does not save my probe location selection

Hi, so I would like to have some help about this problem:
I’d like to create a macro which could give me the pressure using probe location, but even if during start trace I do select the probe location point to give me the pressure over time, when I run the macro, paraview displays an empty graph because nothing is selected in the PlotSelectionOverTime filter.
Thank’s for your help!


please add clear steps to reproduce

Ok, so:
Firstly, I Start Trace,
Then I open my dataset which is a group: data for each time step.
I create a probe location and I select the point as follows:

Finally I plot selection over time and select the pressure.

The matter is that something appear when I do it manually but when I use the script thanks to the Trace, the selection of plotselectionovertime remains empty:

With the trace:

However I had a look on the script and a process ID (-1,0) is mentionned, so I don’t understand why it’s not selected at the end

Thanks for your help

The trace seems to miss a CreateSelection python calls. You should be able to add it yourself in your python script.

Thank you for your answer,
I was looking for this function, but it seems like it doesn’t exist, either on the paraview documentation where I can’t find how it works or in paraview python shell (When I write CreateSe… it doesn’t suggest me anything).