Strange display representation of VTK_POLYHEDRON cells

Hello everybody!

I am a newbie in ParaView and I would appreciate some explanation of the cell visualization problem I observe (VTK_POLYHEDRON). I have generated VTU file with 3D mesh of polyhedrons using my own python script. Surface representation does not render accurately (see first figure bellow). However wireframe representation seems to be correct/reasonable (see second figure bellow). Is there any explanation for my observation or is there a better way to visualize such models/data?

Thank you!
Pavel Jíška

Note that concave polyhedra are not well-supported: VTK: vtkPolyhedron Class Reference

Also, it appears from your images that you are referring to polygonal (2D) rather than polyhedral (3D) cells. If that is the case, it seems like a bug in the triangulation method being used. Can you provide the dataset causing the problem? Because polygonal cells are intended to allow concavities, though not holes.

Actually this is 3D mesh visualized in 2D Interaction Mode. Here is the VTU file. In general those cell are extruded polygons with concavities.