Strange effects with volume representation

Just downloaded and installed Paraview 5.7 on two brand new Lenovo T590 notebooks, both with Interl UHD Graphics 620, but the one with Windows 10 (1903) and the other with Ubuntu 18.04.

On the Windows machine there seems to be a problem with the “Volume” representation:

It looks like the OpenGL graphics render view is taking over the entire main window of the application, so any widgets and controls are not showing and working any more properly.

Steps to reproduce: Source -> Data Objects -> Wavelet -> Apply -> switch to “Volume” representation.

The same procedure on the exactly same hardware, but with Ubuntu 18.04 works “as advertised”.

Any possible setting or whatever that can be applied to get this right again?

We are seeing this a lot with ParaView 5.7 running on Windows 10 and Intel graphics hardware. We do not have a solution yet, other than to use a discrete graphics card for rendering if it is available on the system.

For reference :

I’ve updated the issue with your data @cobo, but I miss your driver version, could you provide it ?

@cobo : Only on volume ? All works fine apart volume rendering ?

I had seen some rendering errors in a surface view with edges: some edges were visible which are not supposed to be.

But now that I tried to find a reproducible case that is much easier than some large model I could reproduce that effect of “taking over the entire area” with another very simple procedure:

  • From sources generate a box

  • Change the color to “Normals”

  • -> done:

So it is the same issue.

The edges offset from surface is not Intel-related and is a known issue. See