Strange lines on the isosurface visualisation

Hi all,

I’m using Paraview for iso-surface visualisations, data of which comes from Fluent. Everything works smoothly apart from some strange white lines on the surface as you can see in the screenshot below. There is no colouring in the figure, so it should be all solid grey.

Anyone has any idea how to get rid of those white patchy lines?


I can’t know for sure without access to your data, but it looks like your original data has both volume data and surface data. (Perhaps you are loading in both the volume and the boundary surface.) Those white lines are a contour that comes out of the surface. (A contour of a volume is a surface. A contour of a surface is a curve.)

Hi Kenneth,

Thanks for the prompt reply! Whenever I export data from Fluent to Paraview, I actually don’t select any volume or boundary(surface) in Fluent. Btw, I export in ensight format if you think it may be the issue.

I’m not familiar with Fluent or it’s data, so I don’t know if there is an easy way to avoid loading surface data.

An easy way to remove them from the result of Contour is to run it through the Vertex Count filter and then use the Threshold filter to remove any cell with a Vertex Count of less than 3 (which would make it either a line or a point).

Tried applying Count Cell Vertices filter and then Threshold but did not work, unfortunately.

You applied Count Cell Vertices to the output of Contour, not your original data, right?

Is there a way to post your data? I can’t help further without seeing an example.

I’ve sent you a message. Please check your inbox.


When I applied the technique I suggested (Contour -> Count Cell Vertices -> Threshold strictly above 2) worked for me.

Here is a state file of how I did this: no-contour-lines.pvsm (672.3 KB)

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