Stream Lines too short / Tetrahedralize doesnt seem to work

Hi there, I’m trying to produce some magnetic field lines, similar to the ones on this picture:


Obviously I cant really achieve such a wholesome picture:P but for starters I want to achieve the same lenght on magnetic lines, and I think I have the same kind of data (Basically the same simulation code: bhac).

Now, here is the list of Filters. (Ignore the Clip 1, its deactivated whatesoever). I show what I properties added to stream_tracer. But as you can see the lines are “cut” in short way.

I have seen somewhere that Adding Tetrahedralize filter fixes the problem, but If I add it, it crushes.

Even if I add it “manually” on python script, and run it on server. I still get some kind of bad results, although im not completely sure if the steamline is cut or going “downside” of the disk.

Maybe you have some kind of tip to achieve streamlines like the 1st picture?

Can you share your .vtu file ?

Is there a platform to upload the file? You guys use any certain website? (because its large enough, so It will take take, not to choose the wrong upload platform)

You can use wetransfer

Sorry for the delay. I uploaded a shortcut (0.8 GB) cuz the original is >2 GB.

Thank you for your time in advance!

Have I done something wrong with the upload?

Your dataset has many topological issues has you can see here:

You can fix some of them using CleanToGrid filter, but you should fix your mesh generation.

Whats the problem with that? I will try that filter btw

Basically, your cells are not considered to be neighbour as they do not have points in common.

But I use Cell to Point Data filter before Tetra. Isnt that efficient?

unrelated. your dataset has topological errors.