Stream Tracer - from surface

Hi All,

Apologies if this has been covered, however I was unable to find it if it is.

I would like to know how to seed streamlines from a surface, specifically any inlet within a solution.

To simplify, if we have a rectangular section with an inlet at one end, is it possible to seed stream lines from that surface rather than using the spherical point location or line source?


Yes, StreamTracerWithCustomSource.

Thanks Mathieu,
I had not seen it, this software is huge and powerful…

much appreciated!

What are the main contributors to causing it to calculate the very slowly? my grid is less than 1*10^6 cells, albeit with 3 individual inlets and 1 single outlet…

How many seeds (points) do you have in your custom source ?
Are you running ParaView in parallel ?

If you want to have a quick look into the flow, you may want to use the StreamLines representation :

  • Tools -> ManagePlugin -> StreamLinesRepresentation -> Load
  • Create a new view
  • Use the new StreamLine representation instead of surface/outline/etc

Yes I see now the influence of the number of seed points is substantial.

I have tried to use the Mask Points function (which can reduce the # of points??) in the workflow;

  • celldata.vtu
  • CellDatatoPointData
  • Mask Points
  • StreamTracerWithCustomSource
    - Not sure of the flow here, do you select input source as CellDatatoPointData or MaskPoints?
    - And also do you select Seed Source as your custom seeding surface?

Not sure of the flow here, do you select input source as CellDatatoPointData or MaskPoints?

Input should be celldata.vtu, Seed source should be MaskPoints

Uh so do the mask points filters have to be applied to each surface of interest “for seeding” individually?

Maybe the easiest way would be to append all your seed surface together using AppendDataSet filter, then use MaskPoint on that.

Late to the party, but I’ve sometimes used a decimate/resample instead of MaskPoint