Stream Tracer from vtk

Dear Paraview team,

I run computations with the Telemac-Mascaret solver.
The results are generated in serafin format : so I use a python script provided in the solver package to convert the serafin results in .vtk format and be able to use Paraview.

To date, I can well visualize scalar maps and use Slice, Clip and Contour procedures on any .vtk loaded files. However, I am not able to render streamlines … as the Stream Tracer procedure is not available when .vtk files are loaded.

Please find attached a model of .vtk result I currently use :
r2d_vent00000004.vtk (481.0 KB)


  • run ParaView
  • Filters → Calculators → "VELOCITY_U______M/S_____________"*iHat+"VELOCITY_V______M/S_____________"*jHat, Apply
  • Filters → StreamTracer → Check Surface Streamline → Apply

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Dear Mathieu,
I am so happy … it works perfectly both in 2D and 3D !
Thank you so much !