stream tracer using cell centred vector field

Paraview supports a filter called “stream tracer with custom source” which does not exist in VTK, as far as I have searched. Interestingly, the filter differs from the simple streamTracer in that it does not work with cell-centred vector field. Is there a suggestion to get it working in either VTK or paraview?

To run streamtracer on a cell-centered array you may first apply the “Cell Data to Point Data” filter that " averages the values of the cell attributes of the cells surrounding a point to compute point attributes" and then apply the Streamtracer filter.

Both filters are the same in VTK. ParaView simply hardwires the Stream Tracer filter’s source input to be one of the predetermined sources such as line and point. It is also coded to run the cell data to point data filter under the covers. I am not sure why the other one doesn’t do that. I am guessing that someone left it out of the configuration XML file.