streamline representation not working

Hey everyone, I am trying to use streamline representation plugin for my case, I followed the steps from this:

However I only get a black screen… I am modeling two-phase flow in a centrifugal pump btw.

Here is attached photo.


First thing to do would be to update ParaView. 5.7.0 is not a young release anymore…

I cannot since I am working on a cluster… So I am stuck with this version for now… Any other solution? I will try running it locally but if there is a solution other than this it would be much easier rather than copying files here and there! Thanks!

Hi @Qutadah_Rababah ,

It looks like your GPU do not handle the streamlines representation rendering mechanism.
Tbf, this plugin is more a nice trick than an actual in production usage, I’d recommand using the streamlines filters and animations in order to generate images on a cluster.


Hello, I have made it work, this is the pvsm file for it.

I have added some filters (StreamTracer and Tube) and the plugin is deactivated.

Thanks !

streamlines-foam-vtk-latest.pvsm (1.0 MB)