streamline terminated at zone boundaries in "AMR" unstructured data

Hi, I have a data file from an AMR simulation stored as an unstructured Hexahedron mesh xdmf + h5 files. When I do streamline tracing, the streamline terminates at boundaries of different zones with different resolutions (see my attachment; in this case my data is polar).

To trace streamline across such boundaries

  • Is it possible to connect these zones?
  • Do I need to convert the data into a Paraview-compatible format? What do I need to know and do?
  • The last resort in my head would be to resample onto a regular mesh, hopefully, polar/spherical. I haven’t started learning about that yet, any suggestions?

Any suggestion is appreciated.


The xdmf is like

<Xdmf Version="2.0">
    <Information Name="Description">
      Example of a Hexahedron Topology
    <Grid Name="Hexahedron" GridType="Uniform">
      <Topology TopologyType="Hexahedron" NumberOfElements="17790624">
        <DataItem Format="HDF" NumberType="Int" Precision="4" Dimensions="17790624 8">
      <Geometry Type="XYZ">
        <DataItem Format="HDF" NumberType="Float" Precision="4" Dimensions="18041604 3">
      <Attribute Name="rho" Center="Node">
        <DataItem Format="HDF" NumberType="Float" Precision="4" Dimensions="18041604">