Streamline with Glyph in 3D animation

Any one know how to create streamline with Gluyph animation in 3D from steady state OpenFoam run.


Alex Lee

  1. Create the streamlines as you normally would.

  2. Add a Contour filter to the streamline (third toolbar, second button from the left).
    2.a. Change the Contour By property to IntegrationTime.
    2.b. Press Apply.
    This little trick will create a point on each streamline at a particular time in the particle advection simulation that created the streamlines.

  3. Open the Animation View (View -> Animation View)
    3.a. On the bottom row, select the contour filter in the first chooser box and Isosurfaces in the second chooser box. Then hit the blue plus button at the left.
    3.b. Make sure Mode is set to Sequence and change No. Frames to 100.
    3.c. Hit the play button in the VCR controls (green triangle in the top toolbar). You will see the dots animate over the streamlines.
    3.d. You can adjust the speed of the animation by changing the No. Frames.

  4. If you want to see glyphs instead of dots, just add the glyph filter to the output of the contour filter.

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