Streamlines or velocity field in particle simulation

Dear users,
I’m trying to plot streamlines (or vector velocity fields) to detect vortices formation using results for particle simulation (from DualSPHysics software). I’m not having success using “stream tracer” in paraview. The “stream tracer” was located in the workspace but nothing is showing (the streamlines expected) along with the evolution of the particles. Could someone help me with the streamlines?


Please share your data.

Dear Westphal,
Following the file data

and the video to help you (you can build the 3 archives, as showed in the video; others archives only for your simulation understanding):

Thanks in advance.

Use the “Temporal Particles to pathlines” filters.

Please take a look at this blog for processing SPH data in ParaView:

It is likely that you need to interpolate to a volume to do certain things like streamlines. Temporal Particle to Pathlines filter is aimed at connecting positions of particles/tracers over time (pathlines) and will not give you instantaneous streamlines.

Hi there,
I have also been facing the exact problem.
Was there any solution ultimately?