streamlines to clip a field

I am not sure if there is a way to do this, but I thought I’d ask.

I have a streamline with custom source filter that is working wonderfully, and because of my dense meshing on the custom source produces a wonderfully dense set of streamlines.

What I would like to do is basically a delauney 3d, but instead of being a convex hull, “shrinkwrap” the streamlines, so that I can have a volume that the streamlines occupy to clip the field.
My current workflow involves exporting the streamlines as .stls and “shrinkwrapping” them in CAD, but I’d really like to implement this in Paraview.

One idea that I had was to somehow decompose the streamlines into just a point cloud to be surfaced. As I understand it (How to create the surface of a point cloud object?), however, ParaView can only surface convex hulls, and although VTK has some more advanced surfacing, that is not currently implemented in ParaView.

I think I could do the surface reconstruction elsewhere (besides my CAD approach) such as in Meshlab, but I’m actually not sure how to get the point cloud into meshlab.


Unfortunately, there aren’t really tools to do this in ParaView. You’ve already discovered what is available in ParaView that you can use towards this goal, I’m afraid.

@cory.quammen, I have actually developed a method that achieves my goal.

Instead of using a Tube ->save as stl to export a surface, I use Calculator on the streamline points that is then Point to Volume interpolated, and resampled back to the original mesh. Since my true aim was to integrate a volume weighted by streamline distance, this works quite well and I can merely integrate the calculator function over the resampled mesh. I’m hoping to write up a tutorial at some point.

Cool! This could be a good post in the Tips and Tricks category.