Streamtracer from Point Data

Hi, I have a VTK with only Point Data and Vector data and I would like to generate StreamLines following the Vector Field. I can visualize the vector field using Glyphs but the problem is that Streamtracer doesn’t show anything. The VTK has this format:

POINTS 132651 double
-100.0 -100.0 -100.0
-100.0 -100.0 -96.0


VECTORS Vectors1 double
1.3865089739273324e-08 6.834997702797794e-08 2.0137151470163464e-08

Is there anything I’m missing in the VTK file?

Cells. You are missing cells.

If you think about it, streamlines don’t make any sense if you don’t have some region of space (i.e. a volume) that has a stream. You don’t have that. You just have some sparse points that define a vector and empty space in between them.

Cells are what define how these sparse points you have are supposed to define what the flow looks like between the points.

For a variety of reasons, the tools for going from just points to a connected region of cells are not great. The most common solution is to use the Delaunay 3D filter. It looks like that should work for you.

Hi, thanks for the tip. I see, I’ll try to generate cell data then.
I tried the Delaunay 3D and it allowed me to generate a stream with StreamTracer, thanks so much!