Streamtracer/Surface LIC on a plane perpendicular to the flow

Hi all,

I’ve long been looking for a nice flow field visualisation on a 2D plane which is perpendicular to the flow. I thought Surface LIC would just work perfect here. However, it looks like to me that Surface LIC only works for instantaneous velocity as selected by default in Vector section under Surface LIC: Integrator. When I tried changing the integrator from “velocity” to anything else (i.e. mean velocity), the flow field looks like it’s full of noise which I know is not the case for a fact.

Any help with this? either with Surface LIC or anything that may potentially fit in what I want?


please share your data and screenshots.

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The fix was to change the velocity variables (mean etc.) to their vector components (with ihat,jhat,khat).

Mathieu, thanks for your reply though.