StringVectorProperty attributes

after searching this discourse as well as the VTK documentation I could not find the information I was looking for.
When declaring a StringVectorProperty there are a number of attributes where I cannot figure out what exactly they are specifying.
What I need is a property that will list all the point data arrays from the input data set and use the selected entry to call a method taking a string as single argument.
From the code I read, my best guess is that “number_of_elements” specifies the number of arguments that the target method is taking and then “element_types” lists the argument types used to call the method. Is that correct? If so, which data types are represented by which values, i.e. what is element type 2? String, int, char?
What I have now is this

<StringVectorProperty command="SetLineField"
                        name="Line field"

Using this, ParaView throws an error saying that I am not calling the method correctly.

0: int
1: float
2: string


Thanks, that seems to work.

Is there any place where I could look up the definitions of the attributes? There a still plenty that are mysterious to me, such as repeat_command, set_number_command, and use_index.

All the doc is here :