summing cell values in region

I have defines some regions of cells based on thresholds and assigned them regionIDs and also calculated a scalar value (Encaps Vol) for each cell. I would like to sum all the scalar values (Encaps Vol) in each region. I’m struggling as the calculator does not allow boolean operations.

I could set another threshold to isolate each regionID, but I’d like to do this in 1 go. I’d also like to do it in the GUI without python scripting or exporting to excel.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Not doable with a calculator.

What you can do is :

  • Add a Threshold filter for each region
  • Add an Integrate Variables filter on each Threshold

Alternatively, a programmable filter would do the trick in a single step but you would need to write it in python.

Mathieu nailed it.

Yet another option would be the Find Data dialog. Make selections, extract selection, integrate variables filter.

I am also interested in this @mwestphaland and @wascott. If you want to do this with a programmable Filter, what would be the way to locate each of the elements that have a specific region id for a VTK unstructured grid? I need to do even more processing on the results of each of the regions and compare them to each other (looking at histograms of different features of the regions).

Thank you!

Please open your own topic.