SuperBuild and plugin.


I’m trying to build ParaView with the superbuild. It does actually work, but I’m not getting the Qt GUI. Reading here I was lead to think that ENABLE_qt5 would suffice.

But after the build I “only” got pvbatch pvdataserver pvpython pvrenderserver pvserver.

What am I missing?

Secondly, I’m building my own plugin. The wiki refers always to find(ParaView) but my CMake complains that no FindParaView.cmake is to be found.

I did manage to build the plugin by pointing to the ParaViewConfig.cmake file, but I’m wondering whether the docs are just outdated or I don’t see something obvious.



Which version of ParaView are you using ?

Regarding your superbuild question, you need ENABLED_qt5 and ENABLE_paraview.

Why are you building the superbuild anyway ? If you want to only use ParaView locally, I would recommend to go with ParaView alone.

Regarding the CMake questions, you always need to point to a build dir of ParaView, and unless specific configuration, cmake can’t find it.

Which docs are your referring ?

Hi Mathieu,

I’m using ParaView 5.6.1.

I am building a custom plugin. When I first started I built ParaView and then passed the directory of the build to CMake and built my project. But this involved a lot of manual steps and I wanted to avoid those. For this reason I created a CMake Project which would build the plugin and ParaView together.

In the wiki you find these lines


So far I’ve not been able to find FindParaView.cmake anywhere.



You have to set ParaView_DIR to your build dir of ParaView when configuring your plugin.

That’s what I do. But the call FIND_PACKAGE(ParaView) does not work as the FindParaView.cmake doesn’t exist anywhere (I know).

One has to include the ParaViewConfig.cmake file rather than calling find_package.


The absence of FindParaView.cmake does not prevent cmake for finding ParaView. You can provide one if you want, but it is not a necessity.

If you set the ParaView_DIR to the build directory of ParaView, then you are doing it exactly the right way.


my point is, is the command FIND_PACKAGE(ParaView) existing (or better FindParaView.cmake)? If not, it should not be written in the documentation.

In this case the docs should state to include the file ParaViewConfig.cmake that is somewhere in the build tree.


CMake will ask for the ParaView_DIR which you point to your ParaView build.

What’s unclear about that in the documentation ?

Find*.cmake are usually provided by other means, either CMake or your own distribution, not by the software itself.