Superbuild package with paraview-config?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to generate a superbuild package of paraviewsdk that includes the paraview-config python script? I can’t see it in the paraview_executables list in the paraview.bundles.common.cmake file in the superbuild repository.

I need this script in order to link my [non-CMake] simulation code with ParaView Catalyst and it would be much more convenient if I could create redistributable packages using the superbuild.

If it’s not currently possible, is there anything fundamental that’s stopping it from being included?


Installing it seems fine. I don’t know if that variable is the right one, but it’d be a place to start at least.

Hmm, I tried copying it into the bin subdirectory of the extracted package and it seems to give the correct flags but also provides lots of error messages because of the missing cmake config files for the dependent projects (e.g. nlohmannjson). Is there a way to remove these?