Superbuild - turning Paraview features on and off

I am a bit lost with the Paraview superbuild! I have my “forked” and adapted version of it, but most of it is of course just the original, but I have problems to turn options on and off like I do it if I am building Paraview on my computer. What I need is the GDAL support that is off by default, but in the “normal” Paraview build I can simply change the PARAVIEW_ENABLE_GDAL option “on” - and I will get it.

Now I am trying the same with the superbuild. I have a cmake script for the configuration and I put in the line


Then I do the CMake setup with the -C option - but the option is not being passed from the superbuild project into the Paraview build: In the CMakeCache.txt file of the paraview subproject the option is set to OFF - and with this my superbuild will fail.

I have seen this behaviour before: I tried to turn options on or off in that way, and realized that it did not really “take” these options. However this is now the first time that it really matters for my project: It cannot work without the GDAL support!

So I would be happy if somebody could tell me how I can pass options into the paraview subproject of the paraview superbuild!

The PARAVIEW_EXTRA_CMAKE_ARGUMENTS cache variable is a list of arguments to pass to ParaView’s configure step. Set it to -DPARAVIEW_ENABLE_GDAL:BOOL=ON. Seems that isn’t mentioned in the README. Will add it.