superbuild v5.10.0 and external plugins

when using a superbuild install tree to compile a plugin, I have a number of undefined *_DIR because they refer to the build tree (to which I have no read access). The superbuild was done with PARAVIEW_RELOCATABLE_INSTALL=OFF, yet the file vtk-find-package-helpers.cmake shows the following list (embree_DIR, ADIOS2_DIR, OpenImageDenoise_DIR, ospray_DIR, TBB_ROOT), pointing to the build tree, instead of somewhere on the install tree.

Make sure you point to the right ParaView_DIR, it should be install/lib/cmake/paraview

yes, indeed, I use lib/cmake/paraview-5.10 and the helper file is lib/cmake/paraview-5.10/vtk/vtk-find-package-helpers.cmake

This is unexpected, you may want to open an issue and provide steps to reproduce.

I’m assuming this is make install in a superbuild tree? I can see this happening. It’d be hard to fix it; I suspect that getting the superbuild to just build right into the destination would be best. The superbuild would need to expose a way to do that though.