[Support] Cannot find DataItem element in topology xml, no caching possible ?

Hi, i’m trying to read some xdmf data in hdf format and i get this error on linux.
“Cannot find DataItem element in topology xml, no caching possible”
I have been unable to find any info on this except the same question from 2015.

the xdmf looks like this

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<Xdmf xmlns:xi="http://www.w3.org/2003/XInclude" Version="2.0"> 
    <Grid Collection="Tetrahedron_Mesh" Name="Tetrahedron">
    <Topology Type="Tetrahedron" NumberOfElements="72">
      <DataItem ItemType="Function" Dimensions="288" Function="$0 - 1">
        <DataItem Format="HDF" DataType="Int" Dimensions="288">
    <Geometry Type="X_Y_Z">
        <DataItem Format="HDF" DataType="Float" Dimensions="36">
        <DataItem Format="HDF" DataType="Float" Dimensions="36">
        <DataItem Format="HDF" DataType="Float" Dimensions="36">

The data is read without issue but the errors is disruptive as an error window is opened and an error is displayed for each “part/block” .
Any ideas of what is the error here ? ensight does not show any error when reading the data or visit 2.12