Surface area of isosurface

How can I calculate the surface area of an isosurface from a 3D dataset?
Additionally, the surface is highly corrugated with fractal nature so I also wish to see how the calculated surface area changes with smoothing.

First use the Cell Size filter to find the area of each polygon. Then use the Integrate Variables filter to add them up and get the total surface area.

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Thanks. I got it working and changed smoothing by using resample to image filter and change resampling points count on the orginal data before making an isosurface contour. However, the problem I faced is as soon as I clicked on cell size, Paraview 5.7 crashed but got it working on version 5.8.

I cannot find Cell Size filter on paraview GUI. Is this filter accessible only from scripting ?

It is available in the GUI. Here it is. I’m using version 5.8. It is also in version 5.7. But using it crashed Paraview for some reason which I haven’t figured out.

I don’t have it. Have you compiled paraview by yourself ? I have pre-compiled binaries.

I’m also using the pre-compiled binary for this. What is your Paraview version?

Sorry, I’m using 5.4. Thanks a lot.

If the Cell Size filter is not available or not working for you, you can use the Mesh Quality filter instead. It is also capable of computing the area of triangles and quads.

Or, you could always update to a newer version of ParaView! :slight_smile: