Surface LIC Darkness


I’m having an issue with Surface LIC darkness when using pvpython (version 5.9.1).

I’ve been using pvpython to automate two CFD cut-plane screenshots. I apply the same legend colorbar limits and discretization to each cut-plane, and the surface contours have the same colors, though there are some small spatial differences due to differing flowfields at each station. However, when I apply Surface LIC in my pvpython script, one screenshot appears noticeably darker. This darkness is noticable in all color bands.

Even when I use a very verbose trace to get the operations scripted (in case defaults somehow change), one screenshot still appears darker. Since the surface contours are very similar to one another, I imagine this must be due to streamline density? Is there a specific control for this? Any thoughts on why this might be the case?

When I approach this process manually in Paraview (5.9.1), I don’t see the same discrepancy.

I’m not modifying any Surface LIC parameters except for setting Color Mode = “Multiply” and Enhance Contrast = “LIC and Color”.