Surface LIC

Hi all,

I recently enabled the “Surface LIC” plugin for streamline-like visualizations. When I select Surface LIC after loading the data in Paraview, it works fine. However, when I try to get a slice on this 3D (geometry) represantation, Paraview crashes almost instantly. I also tried applying the slice first, then Surface LIC, but had no luck.

Any idea why it keeps crashing?


Which version of ParaView are you using ? Can you try 5.9.0 and the last nightly ?

I’m using 5.8.1. What is “the last nightly”?

Selectr nightly instead of 5.9.0

Alright, let me have a look.

Hi again, latest “nightly” seems to be working for now, thanks.

Ultimately, I want to visualize the streamlines on 2D plane based on YZ (mean) velocities (on X plane). I defined the velocity (sqrt(y^2 +z^2)) using the calculator, and plotted the Surface LIC with the new velocity as vector (under Surface LIC:Integrator). The result is nothing close to what I was expecting, its full of with tiny swirl-like patterns. Am I doing something wrong?