Surface to surface distance


I am searching for guidance on using ParaView as done in a research paper. I attached the figures from the paper. I want to use point cloud analysis to calculate linear deviation from a scanned cut surface to a plane. Does anyone have ideas of how to do this?

Thank you!

DistanceToPolyData should do the trick. To go further, please share your data

Hi Mathieu,

Attached is the STL for a piece of zygomatic arch, which has an irregular cut surface, and a part that is made from the planned plane. Is this what you are looking for to help us use the distance to poly data tool?


Cut 1-right.stl (184 Bytes)

Post Op.stl (3.41 MB)

For future reference, the question was also asked on the Slicer forum and using the ModelToModelDistance 3D Slicer extension allowed to address the problem.

Thank you so much for your help! This seems like it will be perfect for our needs.

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