surface with edges representation in 5.7


I’ve noticed render problems with Surface with edges representation and unstructured meshes (vtu) in 5.7 (see screenshots):

Is it a known problem? Tried run with -dr option – didn’t help.

env: debian testing amd64 with KF5, PV downloaded from the site (py3.7).

I have the same problem as described by Gena Bug. I’m using ParaView 5.7.0 on Windows 10 with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti.

chair.obj (1.3 MB)

Looks good to me. I checked software rendering (remote server) and Windows hardware rendering (NVIDIA Quadro M4000).

Parallel projection mode seems to cause the crosshair artifact. Indeed, for perspective view it works well.

Well done. I have replicated the bug. i will write it up.


Bug has been written up here: I wrote it up for ParaView 5.8.0, but it very likely will slip to 5.9.0. 5.8.0 is both already full, and coming quickly (early winter).

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This can be worked around by going into Edit/ Settings/ Render View/ Line Offset Parameters, and changing -4 to a MUCH smaller number, such as -0.1.


Thanks for the workaround, it really helps. However I should mention that in my case mesh in perspective projection looks better than in parallel:

I wanted to mention that this is being worked in It has become a big enough issue we will try to get it into 5.8, out this winter.

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