SurfaceLIC and Camera Animation

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is there a workflow to use LIC and a moving camera at the same time? The noise texture seems to live in screen space and is not aligned with the 3D object it is mapped onto, therefore when moving the camera, such as zooming out, objects seem to float above the LIC texture.
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The same problem!

I’m unable to reproduce the issue :

Looks good on your side, but not for me. See gif attached. This was done using ParaView 5.8 RC1. The quality isn’t breathtaking, but it shows the problem. I visualize netCDF data, and zoom out from Antarctica.


Does you have this issue with any kind fo dataset ? or only with this one ?
If so, please share it.

I also had an issue with other (netCDF) data sets previously, various grids, and then simply did not use lic when animating the camera. i will prepare you a state file with data and send this to you via email.
Thanks for your help!
Cheers, Niklas

The LIC shader is a screen space technique and indeed the noise texture is fixed related to the screen.
I suppose we can improve this and translate/rotate the texture if the surface to shade is parallel to the camera but there will be other issues to tackle (ensure that the noise texture is seamless for example)

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