SVG output

Hello all, I think I have almost the problem as in this topic:

but I didn’t see some definite answers.
here are my problems.
this picture shows the displacement field I’d like to generate.
I want to output as an SVG.file. then import it into Inkscape to crop this file so that I can use it for my journal publication.

Here is the picture I cropped.

From the two red arrows, we can see that it seems the legend is in SVG format, while the displacement is very fuzzy.

since my post-process relies on Paraview, is there any way to solve this problem, I mean can we output the real SVG.file.
by the way, the version of my Paraview is 5.5.2.


I don’t know how much we can do about 5.5 anymore, but does using a newer ParaView work here? I don’t know if it will…the vtkSVGExporter class hasn’t changed much since then. Thoughts @utkarsh.ayachit?

Since we upgraded rendering to modern OpenGL (ParaView 5.0) we can only save to vector graphics 2D scenes stored in a vtkContext2D. You can try an earlier version of ParaView to be able to save 3D scenes to vector graphics.

See some information about this in the first item in this blog