synchronize time over multiple datasets

I have multiple datasets that I would like to compare at essentially the same simulation times. But each dataset has slightly different simulation times. Sometimes it’s more than slightly different. Is there some way to synchronize the datasets together in time? I’d like to set one dataset as a “master time”, and have all the other datasets be synchronized to it.

I’m aware of the Synchronize Time filter, and that will mostly work, but sometimes the times are far enough apart that I’d like to have a new timestep be generated by interpolating between two timesteps. I do know that the Temporal Interpolator filter will interpolate between timesteps, but it doesn’t really do exactly what I want.

@patchett @cory.quammen @Yohann_Bearzi


Perhaps this would help: use the Time Inspector to uncheck the source from which you want to ignore the time values. Then, the animation should only respect the values from one source.