SyntaxError: invalid decimal literal

Dear Support,
I’m a new here, I would like to know how to deal with this error message from ParaView:
After I load state the converted vtk file, error message appear in Paraview as shown below:

Thank you in advance and really appreciate your kind assistance.

Please share your data

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Thank you very much Sir for your very quick response.
Please see attached. (710.7 KB)

Works fine with ParaView 5.12.0, which version of ParaView are you using ?

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Dear Sir, I am using version shown below:
I converted .frd file to .vtk
I open Paraview and load state the converted .vtk file
Then I got the error message "SyntaxError:invalid decimal literal.

Well, your data works fine here.

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Thank you sir for your checking. I will try again.