Systematic way to get flagpole text to face the camera?

Hi, I’m using ParaView 5.8.0 on Windows 10. In my visualization, I’m using the Text source in Flagpole Actor mode, and I’m wondering if there is a systematic way to get every text label to face the camera exactly. From what I understand, the text rotates about the flagpole axis to face the camera but doesn’t rotate in any other way so you get situations like this:

If instead I change the labels to Billboard 3D Text, it looks like this:

Now all the labels face the camera automatically. I would like to get the same effect but with the Flagpole text.

I know that I can adjust the ‘Top Position’ coordinates to adjust the angle of flagpole until the text more or less faces the camera, but this is tedious and it’s not really exact. Is there some way to systematically calculate what ‘Top Position’ coordinates are needed for each flagpole label to face the camera? Could the camera attributes such as position and focal point somehow be used for this calculation?

You are stuck setting the top position. For z-elevation datasets you can usually just take the base position and add some constant to the Z value and it looks good but that may not be the case with your data.

Here is my current bug list:

@martink @wascott Thank you for your responses. As an update, I think I’ve found a solution to the problem, so I wanted to post it here in case anyone else needs it. What I had to do to determine the ‘Top Position’ coordinates is to add a scalar multiple of the ‘View Up’ vector of the camera to the ‘Base Position’ coordinates. I did this for each flagpole text source and now the text faces the camera correctly. Although you have to do this manually for each source, you can automate it somewhat by using Python.