TAWSS AND OSI visualization in paraview

I have a question that is about post-processing using Paraview to extract time-averaged values.

For my simulations (using simvascular) of flow in the human aorta, I am currently calculating the instantaneous wall shear stress (WSS) values at the surface of the geometry.
Now, additionally, I would like to calculate the time-averaged wall shear stress and the oscillating shear index.


My WSS values for every timestep are saved to a time-series .vtp and .vtu format file

In ParaView, I can access the WSS values for every timestep

I would like to average these WSS values over three cardiac cycles.

Would it be possible to use a Programmable Filter to compute the oscillating shear index (OSI) and time-averaged Wall Shear Stress (Tawss)? Perhaps, could you refer me to an example of how to use this filter for a purpose such as this?

Thank you in advance for your time.

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Hi Sumit,

For time-averaged Wall Shear Stress (Tawss), you can try existing filter ‘Temporal Statistics’. I attached two figures to illustrate it for standard ParaView dataset ‘can.ex2’.

Does this approach work for your task (I mean Tawss)? Or do you need a solution through Programmable Filter only?

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