Temporal Statistics Filter


I am using the Temporal Filter to get the average field data. For stationary domains this is trivial, but when I used it on a moving domain it also gave me an averaged field. My question is: Does the filter in this case average in a local manner and grab the nearest node or is there some smear where the same node is always mapped back to the original position?


Hello @Michael_Henzinger ,

This filter is very simple and does not assume anything on the dataset : it will simply compute the mean value of a field for a given point. It does not weight the average using either spatial or temporal informations. This filter also assume that the topology of the first timestep is the same for every timesteps (ie same number of cells and same number of points through time).

If you want to average spatially you might want to use a “resampler” filter before the Temporal Statistics one.


Thank you very much! @timothee.chabat

Glad that it helped :slightly_smiling_face: do not hesitate to tag the thread as answered if that solved your problem