TemporalInterpolator in Python

I have the following code created by saving a Python state file:

from paraview.simple import *
# create a new 'STL Reader'
leaflets_ = STLReader(FileNames=['/beegfs/hpc_shared/non_defense/cardio_med/VenusP/gt_high_speed_videos/Normal_5LM/leaflets_stl_box/leaflets_000.stl', '/beegfs/hpc_shared/non_defense/cardio_med/VenusP/gt_high_speed_videos/Normal_5LM/l

# create a new 'Temporal Shift Scale'
temporalShiftScale2 = TemporalShiftScale(Input=leaflets_)
temporalShiftScale2.Scale = 0.04

# create a new 'Calculator'
calculator1 = Calculator(Input=temporalShiftScale2)
calculator1.ResultArrayName = 'loc'
calculator1.Function = 'coords'

# create a new 'Force Time'
forceTime1 = ForceTime(Input=calculator1)

# create a new 'Python Calculator'
pythonCalculator1 = PythonCalculator(Input=[calculator1, forceTime1])
pythonCalculator1.Expression = "inputs[0].PointData['loc'] - inputs[1].PointData['loc']"
pythonCalculator1.ArrayName = 'pointD'

# create a new 'Threshold'
top = Threshold(Input=pythonCalculator1)
top.Scalars = ['CELLS', 'STLSolidLabeling']
top.ThresholdRange = [1.0, 1.0]

# create a new 'Resample To Image'
resampleToImage1 = ResampleToImage(Input=top)
resampleToImage1.UseInputBounds = 0
resampleToImage1.SamplingBounds = [0.0675, 0.0835, 0.0985, 0.1259, 0.0689, 0.0943]

# create a new 'Temporal Interpolator'
temporalInterpolator1 = TemporalInterpolator(Input=resampleToImage1)
temporalInterpolator1.DiscreteTimeStepInterval = 0.001

# create a new 'Extract Time Steps'
extractTimeSteps1 = ExtractTimeSteps(Input=temporalInterpolator1)
extractTimeSteps1.SelectionMode = 'Select Time Range'
extractTimeSteps1.TimeStepIndices = [0]
extractTimeSteps1.TimeStepRange = [0, 800]

# create a new 'Clean to Grid'
cleantoGrid3 = CleantoGrid(Input=extractTimeSteps1)

SaveData(filename='./test_box/top.csv', Input=cleantoGrid3)
SaveData.WriteTimeSteps = 1
SaveData.Filenamesuffix = '_%04d'

The intent of the code is to import the stl files as a time-series, compute new values on each of the stl files, interpolate between the provided files to produce more time steps, and then output a csv file for each time step. When I execute this code via pvbatch, I am met with the following error:

(   3.699s) [pvbatch         ]vtkMultiTimeStepAlgorit:122    ERR| vtkAdaptiveTemporalInterpolator (0x5598a10): No temporal data has been requested. 
(   3.700s) [pvbatch         ]       vtkExecutive.cxx:753    ERR| vtkPVCompositeDataPipeline (0x5599c40): Algorithm vtkAdaptiveTemporalInterpolator(0x5598a10) returned failure for request: vtkInformation (0x54ce9b0)
  Debug: Off
  Modified Time: 474519
  Reference Count: 1
  Registered Events: (none)

It seems that the TemporalInterpolator is not understanding the temporal nature of this pipeline. Why not?

If I use the GUI to save the csv files (via File → Save Data) everything works file, but I need to be able to script this process.