Testing point picking

Is there a way to record and play back render-window pick events (the ‘p’, ‘1’, and ‘2’ keys; with or without Ctrl/Cmd modifiers used to snap to dataset points)? The key presses appear to be recorded but do not result in pick events upon playback. I don’t see any existing ParaView tests of picking. Should we be adding something to QtTesting that observes these events and emits something other than keypresses?

Qt testing is missing that, but to be honest it is missing lots of feature to make it more viable as a generic tool. You may want to open an issue though :

In any case, testing picking would require interacting with the viewport widget, which is always finicky as the coordinate of the position of the mouse can vary depending on the system/resolution it is used on.

Thanks Mathieu. I’ve filed an issue; finicky as it may be, it is picking for widgets that we need to test.

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