Text Background

Hello everyone!

Is there a way to set a background color for Text source and Python annotation filters?

I’m making an animation, and changing colors sometimes make text unreadable (like this)

Having a constant background color would make text always readable for the price of data overlayed by text. But as for me, this is affordable price)

For the Text source and Python Annotation, in the GUI it’s under Font Properties. In the Python API there’s an attribute called Color. You can see how to manipulate it through using the Python Trace functionality in the GUI.

I think that @gromaxe is looking for a text background color. It is not possible to do that easily but seems quite straightforward to implement.

Yeah, there is an option to change text color.
But I am looking for text background color, and I can’t find it

Is it impossible or possible, but not easy?)

It’s very clunky but you could do it with a Box source behind it.

I was thinking about a plane, but It’s not clear how to pin it to text source location

Yeah, that’s why the Box source or Plane source would be clunky. You’d have to manipulate it all the time to get what you want. Maybe a Programmable Filter would be slightly better but these are all really just less clunky workarounds because they’re not putting it in a view location which is really what you want.

Really good idea Igor. I just wrote it up here: https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/issues/18916. Won’t be available for a release or two, however.