TextureMapToSphere in Python Plugin

I would like to display a texture maps on spheres as part of a new source class, PythonSolarSystemSource. The plugin currently creates 8 vtkSphereSource() objects and animates them in orbit about the origin. I can manually go in to the display and add texture maps to each of these, but I would like to have that automated in the plugin. I can create an instance of vtkTextureMapToSphere() and add a vtkSphereSource() as an input connection like this.

self.sphere = vtkSphereSource()
self.texture = vtkTextureMapToSphere()

When I output the texture map I see a copy of the input sphere.

from vtkmodules.vtkCommonDataModel import vtkMultiBlockDataSet
output = vtkMultiBlockDataSet.GetData(outInfo, 0)
output.SetBlock(0, self.sphere.GetOutput())
output.SetBlock(1, self.texture.GetOutput())

However, I can’t figure out how to add an image to the texture map and have it display. I’ve tried using vtkJPEGReader() and vtkTexture() objects, but I can’t add them as input connections to the vtkTextureMapToSphere() object.

I’ve realized in the GUI the texture map file is selected in the Display tab. Can I access the display tab from a python plugin? Any hints?

This can’t be done, you need to do that from ParaView itself, which can be scripted if needed.

I was afraid of that. Ok, thank you!