The Clip result is not right

Hi Experts,
When I display the clip use paraview. I found that the clip field result has big difference whith the origin field result. Is it the color interpolation error?
I upload the clip image and result image clip result
This is the vtu file:333.vtu (938.9 KB)
I find that the tetra has this issue.

Im able to clip your data without issue. What is the problem here ?

Hi Mwestphal,
Does the field color display right? I mean the clip is very close to the outer surface. But the field color has a big differenece.The clip surface has yellow and many kinds of color. But the outer surface is just blue. I mean the color should be similar to the outer surface.

Which version of ParaView are you using ?

Hi mwestphal,
The paraview 5.4.1 and paraview 5.8 also have this issue.

No issues here:

Hi Mwestphal,
You can use log scale for the colorbar. And I have a question? Why the color is not smooth? I think the color should be same the origin field result.

With log, still correct.

Why the color is not smooth? I think the color should be same the origin field result.

Not sure what you mean.

I mean the color should be smooth. We can see that the image has many sharp outline.

This is a smooth as your mesh topology is:

OK, let me think this question. The clip result is not my ideal result. Thanks

Hi mwestphal.
I add a slice for this file. The slice is very close the outer surface. You can see the difference.! origin:result1|547x500
slice: slice1|582x500
Maybe the slice display the cell field value.

The dataset you shared do not have any cell data associated with it.

Yeah, I konw. There are only point data in this file. I mean that display of slice is different with orgin file.

your problem is unclear please state the following:

  1. What are you doing with paraview, with clear steps to reproduce or a state file
  2. What is the current incorrect results with a screenshot
  3. What is the expected correct result, ideally with a screenshot

OK. You can see bellow screeshots:

The second screenshot is slice . I think the slice result should be same with the origin file.

please read my previous post and answer each of the questions.

  1. I add a slice for the file. the slice is very close to the outer surface.
  2. The slice result:
  3. I want the correct reuslt like the origin file:

Ok, I understand now. You actually have very small cells between the big cells because the slice is so close to the edge of the dataset.

Not an issue per se, this is just how the slice and clip operates.

em… Is it the color interpolation on slice is different with the dataset?