The display order of VTK files is error

Hello researchers, I generate 20 VTK files every 0.0001s. However, when I import them into Paraview, I find that the trend of radius variation is unreasonable (Fig. a). The correct trend is shown in Fig. b. Is there any way to solve this problem? (30.0 KB)

Also, I have another question. The animation runs too fast, and I want to slow it down. How should I do this?Thank you very much.

I do not understand your first question.

How should I do this?Thank you very much.

Use the TimeManager and increase the number of frames.


Your file numbers are interpreted as a sequence by ParaView. Rather than generating the files with the radius in the name, number them sequentially in the order you want them.

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One possible solution is to determine the sequence of files in a JSON-based metadata file, like the one attached below, and then load this metadata file.
radius.vtk.series (5.5 KB)

It’s very helpful according to yout idea. Thank you very much.

I understand what you mean, and I have succeeded. Thank you very much.