The size of non-spherical particles shown in Paraview is not the size of real particles.

Hello, teachers, I want to ask you a question. I import the.vtp file, and the size of the non-spherical particles shown in paraview is different from the actual particle size. Ask the teachers how to operate to make the particle size consistent. Thank you!

This is the particle in paraview.
This is the actual particle.

Looks like whatever tool exported this file, indeed exported those sizes for the particles. .vtp is used for surface meshes, so I’d guess that is indeed the mesh that has been saved to the file. Maybe there’s some variable in the mesh to be used to transform the “particles” further. Can you share the dataset? That’ll make it easier.

Thank you for your reply!@Utkarsh Ayachit
This is the data shown in paraview.
Superquadric_visulization_paraview_plugin.xml (10.3 KB)
PARTICLES_0019.vtp (4.0 MB)

Do you have the state file for details of the pipeline for this visualization? That’ll make it easier for me reproduce the state. In any case, since you’re using a plugin that uses glyphing, you can play with the input parameters for the source/superquadric to adjust their size to your linking.

Thank you for your help! @utkarsh.ayachit
Currently, non-spherical particles cannot be displayed in Paraview, so an. xml file needs to be imported to achieve the display of non-spherical particles. But the displayed non-spherical particles are different from the actual size. I don 't know how to adjust the size of the particles in paraview, is it necessary to import some files?Thank you!