There is no paraview executable after build.

Hi All,

Paraview build has been done successfully but as I am not able to run with


I have checked bin directory in paraview_build, there is not paraview executable.
Only executable with paraview name is paraview-config.

How do I resolve this?

It’s a little tough to know what might have happened with the information provided. Could you outline a little more your procedure for building ParaView? That may shed some light into what has gone wrong.


  1. Source code downloaded via:
    git clone
    cd paraview
    git submodule update --init --recursive

  2. cd …/
    mkdir paraview_build
    cd paraview_build

    ccmake …/paraview

  3. Configure ParaView

  4. Configured and generation successfully

  5. make -j 4

  6. After around 86% make there were errors regarding build testing So I switch BUILD_TESTING to OFF and
    it worked

  7. Again configured and generation, then make -j 4

  8. Build successfully

This is the procedure, I followed.

Govind Sharma
PhD Student
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

PARAVIEW_BUILD_QT_GUI - OFF disable the build of the paraview executable. Why are you setting this to OFF ?


I have read somewhere that PARAVIEW_BUILD_QT_GUI is optional. This option is useful when building ParaView on server nodes or when we are only interested in the Python client, as it avoids building of the Qt client thus does not require Qt. So I did it OFF.

Govind Sharma
PhD Student
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

It is optional and correspond to the usecase you are describing. You need it ON in order to build paraview, the GUI.

On server nodes, the pvserver, pvrenderserver, and/or pvdataserver executables should be used.

How should I set Qt5_DIR for paraview configuration. I find there is Qt directory in Paraview folder while it was downloaded. I have also separately downloaded QT5.7.0 source code but don’t know, how do I set it for paraview configuration.

Can anyone tell me the direction to solve this?

Govind Sharma
PhD Student
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Refer to the building paraview documentation.

QT5_DIR should point to /path/to/qt/install/5.N/gcc*/lib/cmake/Qt5/